Customer Reviews

Seriously the best bar I have tasted and I have had a lot of different bars. It's so fresh and love love the cayenne kick. Also it does what it says it does. Will be buying more ASAP

Michelle M.

So delicious! The flavors are well balanced and work well together. Love the hint of spice at the end - the perfect amount. Will definitely re-order!!


I'm so glad I gave these bars a try...I absolutely love them! And the little cayenne kick at the end is the perfect amount...not too much and very different unlike any other bar I've tried!

Pat M.

I can't stop eating them! They taste so good. Had to order the subscription. They are similar to larabars but much better flavorr and texture. Its by far the best snack bar I have ever had.

Abigail H.

I am a health bar junkie and have tried so many bars out there on the market. This one by far is my new go-to favorite! I love all the natural aphrodisiac benefits to help spice up my marriage after having two kids and am OBSESSED with the subtle spice at the end!


These bars are outstanding! Previously I've never actually enjoyed the taste of a healthy bar before, but His & Her Bar tastes great! It's all natural, all healthy ingredients, and is really genuinely GOOD. My wife and I look forward to sharing these together everyday!


Being in your late 50's doesn't mean your out of the action but it's always smart to "fuel your engine" with the best possible octane booster. I'm not a big fan of pills in a bottle, all natural is the best way to go. This bar has great taste and uses all natural ingredients. Can't get any better than that. 


These bars are bomb! So delicious and amazing quality ingredients! I love the concept of using all natural aphrodisiac superfoods to boost your sexual health! It's a daily treat that is like a multivitamin for your libido! Vegan and gluten free with a hint of cayenne which is SO good! Highly recommend you try these!


Natural Ingredients & Zero Fillers

His & Her Bar is Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and made with just 7 ingredients. We believe in the power behind keeping it simple. We do not add in unnecessary ingredients/fillers. What you see on our ingredient list is what you get.


Maca is a sweet root vegetable predominantly grown in Peru. It is high in minerals including: potassium, calcium (4 times the calcium found in milk), magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous.

Benefits For Him: Can help increase production of testosterone, plant based natural muscle building booster, increase blood circulation, bone health, increase libido & fertility.

Benefits For Her: Mood booster, Can help balance hormones, assist in regulating estrogen levels in the body, help reduce menopausal symptoms, improve hair thickness and strength, increase libido & fertility.


Almonds are full of natural antioxidants. They are high in Vitamin E, Magnesium, Plant Based Protein, Copper and Vitamin B2. Almonds also help naturally reduce cholesterol levels.

Benefits For Him: High in plant based protein, Helps with hair loss, aids in Male vitalitiy as almonds contain essential nutritents that support testosterone growth. Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin E promotes sexual healh, blood flow and hormonal reproduction.

Benefits For Her: High in Vitamin E that acts as an antixodant protecting cells from premature aging damage. Helps protect bone density. Can help gut health, immunity and anti-inflammation. A natural stimulant that can reduce inferitility and even out hormone levels.


Cashews are are an excellent source of plant protein. They also are rich in copper and magnesium that can help naturally increase energy, brain health and immunity. Cashews contain Omega-3's which can help raise dopamine levels in the brain making you feel good from the inside out.

Benefits For Him: Rich in Zinc that can naturally increase fertility in men. Improves stamina, promotes stronger muscles by fueling your muscles with calcium, antioxidants and magnesium.

Benefits For Her: Strengthens body's immune system and bone health. Copper and magnesium assists in the production of collagen and glowing skin. Contains iron that can help prevent anemia a common issue among women. Contains mood-enhancing ingredients (Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Tryptophan) which naturally converts to serotonin the key hormone that stablizes your mood.


Dates are a natural sweetner superfood that is packed wiith antioxidants. They are rich in amino acids known to increase stamina and are a strong source of plant protein that helps promote a healthy fit body and keeps muscles strong. Dates are also high in fiber.

Benefits For Him: Improves sexual health and can increase desire, satifsfaction and sensation.

Benefits For Her: Rich source of vitamin C and D which can help promote youthful clear skin. Plant based proteins in dates can help make hair healthy and shiny. They can also help boost sexual health.

Dark Chocolate

Who doesn't love to set the mood with chocolate? Eating chocolate leads to higher levels of arousal and desire. The cocoa in chocolate releases mood-enhancing chemicals like serotonin that can elevate your mood and make intimacy feel even better!

Benefits For Him: Increases blood flow and contains L-arginine an amino acid that can be an effective natural libido enhancer. Can boost brain power, reduce inflammation, raises good cholesterol, protects against stroke and heart disease.

Benefits For Her: It's Natural Antixidants help increase blood flow and can trigger natural endorphins giving you a happy and mood boosting lift! Dark Chocolate also can help to naturally increase arousal and intimacy.


Vanilla is packed full of antioxidants that help repair your body from the inside out at the molecular level. It is antibacterial and can serve to boost immunity and lower stress levels with its euphoric effect on the brain allowing you to unwind, relax and set the mood.

Benefits For Him: Vanilla is ranked the top 5 attractive scents for men and can naturally boost testosterone levels. It improves circulation and muscular energy as well as promoting hair growth.

Benefits For Her: Naturally promotes hair growth, can help reduce acne and fight breakouts. Can help reduce signs of aging and aid in glowing skin. Aids in menstrual regulation. It is also one of the most attractive scents to men and women giving off a very calming effect.


Cayenne contains a natural compound called capsaicin which increases metabolism, circulation & blood flow while releasing feel good endorphines. It also is considered the king of medicinal herbs and has been used for thousands of years to help naturally treat and promote positive health from the inside out.

Benefits For Him: Increase circulation and blood flow, aids in digestion, can naturally lower blood pressure, increase metabolism.

Benefits For Her: Increases metabolism, healthy dose of antioxidants, can naturally lower blood pressure, aides in digestion, anti-inflammatory.


All orders are shipped Priority Mail in cooler boxes with ice packs to maintain optimal freshness. Our Bars are made with Zero Fillers and Only 7 All Natural Ingredients. They are shelf stable, however we prefer to enjoy them chilled and recommend storing them in your refrigerator to maintain optimal freshness.