The Benefits of Natural Aphrodisiacs 🔥

Let's face it...we live in a world of instant gratification. You order something on Prime and there is a chance that it may even hit your doorstep the exact same day within a few hours after you have placed the order.

Want to turn back the clock and look more youthful? Great! Botox & Fillers has your back and you will see instant results!

As much as that way of life for many can be easy to get used to, there is also so much power in getting back to the basics and going the natural route.

So let's start off by sharing the definition of what an Aphrodisiac is...

Aphrodisiac: an agent (such as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire.

And the definition of a Superfood...

Superfood: a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Put those together and you have a match made in heaven!

In the creation process of His & Her Bar, we tested a series of various aphrodisiac ingredients until we created the perfect recipe! With only 7 natural ingredients and zero fillers, His & Her Bar - FOREPLAY resembles the beginning of it all and is our first bar released. To keep things fun & sexy, we will never call any of our bars a traditional flavor name (hence the bar's name "FOREPLAY").

FOREPLAY has a creamy consistency with an earthy & nutty flavor from a mixture of almonds, cashews and maca. The chocolate, dates and vanilla gives it the perfect combination of just enough sweetness and you will taste a hint of cayenne at the back end of consuming the bar giving it a little spice.

*Note: We use just a hint of cayenne in each bar making it subtle without overpowering your taste buds.

Now that your palate is soaking wet🔥... let's talk about the benefits of each ingredient that is found in His & Her Bar.

Maca - Maca is a sweet root vegetable predominantly grown in Peru that helps BOOST LIBIDO & SEXUAL DESIRE. It can also help aide in Fertility. 

Chocolate - Who doesn't love to set the mood with chocolate? Chocolate helps enhance blood flow to your sexual organs which increases DESIRE, SENSATION and SATISFACTION. The cocoa in chocolate releases MOOD-ENHANCING chemicals like serotonin that can make sex feel even better!

Almonds - Almonds are one of the oldest known natural aphrodisiacs and are a rich source of essential fatty acids (omega-3 fats), which are necessary for reproductive function, the production of hormones, FERTILITY, and a HEALTHY LIBIDO. They are also rich in Vitamin E which aides in sexual health. 

Cashews - Cashews contain Omega-3's which TRIGGER AROUSAL by raising the dopamine levels in the brain. They are also rich in zinc that boosts blood flow to sexual organs helping us feel AROUSED and experience SEXUAL PLEASURE.

Vanilla - Vanilla is one of the most attractive scents to men and women and is a natural aphrodisiac that ENHANCES LIBIDO and naturally lowers your stress levels allowing you to relax and get IN THE MOOD!

Dates - Dates are rich in amino acids known to INCREASE SEXUAL STAMINA. They also tend to melt in your mouth making them a very sexual food to eat with your partner. 

Cayenne - Cayenne contains capsaicin, a natural compound which increases circulation & blood flow while releasing FEEL GOOD ENDORPHINS to get you and your partner fired up and IN THE MOOD!

Pair these ingredients together and get ready for the ride of your life! 🔥

Sexy Note: Natural remedies are not designed to be your instant gratification /Prime on Demand type product. Like anything natural, you need to give it time and the long term benefits are worth the wait! The more regularly you consume these bars, the more you will want to get freaky and have in between the sheets movie sex...just sayin…

Experience it for yourself by ordering your bars today! You can take it slow and test things out with a single order OR if your feeling extra frisky and like you want to commit and go steady we have monthly and bi-monthly subscription options as well!

Order now...thank us later.


Enjoy! 🔥

Jennifer & Michael / Founders of His & Her Bar™

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