What is Sexy Snack Time?

Sexy Snack Time has come and it is here to stay! 🔥

What exactly is Sexy Snack Time? Great Question!

Sexy snack time is a daily ritual that over time will get you fired up and IN THE MOOD! Michael and I came up with the name "sexy snack time" to create a special time of day to indulge in your favorite aphrodisiac treat together.

We personally look forward to our sexy snack time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And let's be honest, sexy snack time does not always have to involve sex (although if it eventually leads to that it's a bonus!) It's more about creating a special time to connect with your partner while enjoying a delicious and healthy natural aphrodisiac His & Her Bar together. 

Our sexy snack time is in the morning after our dog walk. Our morning routine starts with a 2 mile dog walk with our two fur babies Maci (the maltipoo) and Rusty (the beagle) around 6:30am. Afterwards in between our family dog walk and working out, we ALWAYS have Sexy Snack Time together and it is our favorite part of the day. We literally crave the bars on our walk and can't wait to have one when we get back inside!

So now it's your turn to experience Sexy Snack Time with your special someone! If you don't have that person in your life right now, there is also nothing wrong with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fueling your body with the right nutrients while you are waiting for that special someone to come into your life! 🔥

Here's what to do:

Step 1: Order a pack of His & Her Bars

Step 2: Set a special time of the day to enjoy Sexy Snack Time

Step 3: Once you designate a time this is your SACRED SEXY SNACK O'clock EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Step 4: Oh and one more VERY IMPORTANT thing...Don't forget to ALWAYS CHEERS YOUR BARS! 

Step 5: Repeat on the reg daily and over time you will start to notice that Sexy Snack Time paying off if you know what we mean! 😜🔥


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