What ingredients are in the His & Her Bar?

Maca, Cashews, Almonds, Dates, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cayenne 

What does His & Her Bar taste like?

His & Her Bar has a creamy consistency with an earthy & nutty flavor from a mixture of Almonds, Cashews and Maca. The Chocolate, Dates, and Vanilla gives it the perfect combination of just enough sweetness and you will taste a hint of Cayenne at the back end of consuming the bar giving it a little spice.

*Note: We use just a hint of cayenne in each bar making it subtle without overpowering your taste buds. We do understand that everyone's pallet is different so if you are someone that may be sensitive to spice we do not recommend these bars for you as cayenne does have some heat to it. 

Will I feel the Natural Effects Immediately?

Natural remedies are not designed to be your instant gratification /Prime on Demand type product. Like anything natural, you need to give it time and be consistent. We also do not guarantee a specific timeline and result as every single person is different. 

We like to use the example of working out. Say there are 2 people around the same age, "Person A" has not worked out in 5 years and has not been eating healthy the whole time. "Person B" has not worked out in one month but has maintained a relatively clean diet. Nine times out ten "Person B" is going to see results and get back into shape faster than "Person A" who has a longer journey ahead. 

What if my order arrives and its no longer chilled?

We ship in cooler boxes with ice packs to ensure a controlled temperature environment during the shipping process. It is common that when you receive your package the ice packs may be melted. Please be assured that this is OK and that our bars are shelf stable meaning they do not require refrigeration and will not spoil during transit. We recommend (although not required) storing your bars in the refrigerator once you receive your order and enjoying them served chilled (our favorite!) as it will also help to maintain optimal freshness. 

Do I eat a whole bar at once?

We do! But this is totally up to you and is a personal preference as to when and how often you choose to consume your bars. We personally enjoy one bar per day for what we like to call "sexy snack time"!

Do you use any added sugars in the bar?

We do not use any added sugars in our bars what so ever. The sugar content that you see in our nutrition facts is coming mainly from the dates which is what we use as our natural sweetener.

How many calories are in each bar?

Each bar has 220 calories. For full nutrition facts head over to our shop tab and you can view under product photos. 

How should I store my bars?

Our bars are shelf stable and although they do not require refrigeration, we do highly recommend storing your bars in your refrigerator to remain optimal freshness. If you don't anticipate finishing your pack within 2-3 weeks while refrigerated, we recommend storing excess bars in your freezer as this will help keep your additional bars as fresh as when you first received them. We personally always keep a stash of bars in our freezer at all times! 

Where Can I Purchase?

You can place your order HERE and we ship Nationwide!

See shipping details HERE

Can I order one box to try before going to subscription?

Yes of course! There are two options on our website one is for monthly or bi-monthly subscription (with a minimum 3 month commitment) and the other is for a single order purchase. 

Do you ship in quantities less than 12?

At this time we offer orders throughout the US in packs of 12 or more and do not ship individual samples out. This may change in the future so please stay in touch for updates!

Do you sell in retail stores?

Currently we just do direct to consumer sales online but in the future as we increase our production bandwidth, we will be selling in stores as well so please be sure to stay connected and sign up for our email list for updates.

Do you ship to Canada?

Currently we do not ship to Canada however this may change in the future so please stay in touch! 

Is there a return policy?

All Sales Are Final. 

We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses entered at checkout. In the event an order comes back to us due to a wrong shipping address, a $10 flat rate re-shipment charge will be issued in order to re-send out your package. 

Do You Offer Wholesale?

Due to our current production bandwidth after airing on Shark Tank, we are starting a waiting list for wholesale orders as we are solely focused on shipping out online retail orders. Please fill out a wholesale form HERE and we will be in touch as soon as we open up our wholesale option.